Tuesday, 4 June 2013


                   Internet/Broadband Connection in Bokaro Steel City

High Speed Internet/Broadband connectivity. Now in Bokaro Steel City and Comming Soon in Ranchi,Patna And Jamshedpur. High speed connection at lower price.

  ********16 Mbps at Only 99 Rs Only********

For New Connection/Franchise pls call us 

                                                     Amit Singh
Address:- B-10,City Center,Sector-4, Near ICICI Bank, Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand- 827004.

Features And Benefits
Managed Optic Fiber built out
GIGABYTE connectivity
VPN Connectivity (All branch offices can be inter-connected on one network)
Wireless & Wi-Fi Hotspot solutions
Unlimited Download Speeds upto 16 Mbps
Audio / Video Streaming for all MP3 (music/songs/movies) downloads
Internet Telephony
No phone line required
Better quality services over IPLC bandwidth from Swastik Broadband compared to satellite bandwidth by others
Support of data-voice-video transfer services
Support of VoIP services from Swastik Broadband.
Graphical Reports for the Internet connectivity provided – to make the services completely accountable
A high-speed backbone, directly connected to the Internet via IPLCd a bandwidth provisioning service that will bring about a paradigm shift in the current system.  
                                                         TARIFF PLAN OF SWASTIK BROADBAND


  1. At Swastik Broadband, we believe in the parlance that "It is not the end that matters, but its the means". Thus, we specialize in providing high quality 'deliverable' services which uses fraction of your valued time.

    We have always dedicated our resources in not only continuously upgrading our existing services (with the ever-changing environment) but at the same time keeping a smart-eye on the latest technological events.

  2. it is very very very very fast!!!!!!!

  3. Seriously, 16 mbps. How much does that will cost a month. Looking at your unlimited plans. They seem extremely expensive. I don't think anyone should pay more than 1000 RS to get unlimited 3 mbps connection which is consistent. All the connections are riddled with connectivity problem and rarely deliver the speed they promise.

  4. when i will get connection in Sector 8 D.......

  5. I`m interested in Rs 699 plan .....
    Is it really fast to have live video conference or watch online videos without buffering...
    If yes then mail .me at ccprakash67@gmail.com..

  6. Hi Amit,

    Do you provide broadband services in Ranchi Mohalla(Bharra Vill) near Bokaro hotel ?

  7. Do you provide connection in sector 5. I want to take connection. Connect me 8507406175

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