Tuesday, 4 June 2013


                   Internet/Broadband Connection in Bokaro Steel City

High Speed Internet/Broadband connectivity. Now in Bokaro Steel City and Comming Soon in Ranchi,Patna And Jamshedpur. High speed connection at lower price.

  ********16 Mbps at Only 99 Rs Only********

For New Connection/Franchise pls call us 

                                                     Amit Singh
Address:- B-10,City Center,Sector-4, Near ICICI Bank, Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand- 827004.

Features And Benefits
Managed Optic Fiber built out
GIGABYTE connectivity
VPN Connectivity (All branch offices can be inter-connected on one network)
Wireless & Wi-Fi Hotspot solutions
Unlimited Download Speeds upto 16 Mbps
Audio / Video Streaming for all MP3 (music/songs/movies) downloads
Internet Telephony
No phone line required
Better quality services over IPLC bandwidth from Swastik Broadband compared to satellite bandwidth by others
Support of data-voice-video transfer services
Support of VoIP services from Swastik Broadband.
Graphical Reports for the Internet connectivity provided – to make the services completely accountable
A high-speed backbone, directly connected to the Internet via IPLCd a bandwidth provisioning service that will bring about a paradigm shift in the current system.  
                                                         TARIFF PLAN OF SWASTIK BROADBAND